Post COVID-19: Work at Home is Transforming Contact Centers Around the Globe

Game Changers

COVID-19 changed the face of our contact center organizations, with most companies moving all (or nearly all) of their staff home to work. And for most, the deployments went exceedingly well. So what is next? Larger populations (or all) at home? Slow return to office? What needs to be considered?

Value Propositions for this Live Virtual Summit:

  • 20+ speakers share their experiences, key learnings, challenges, surprises, next steps
  • Understand what others are planning in terms of slow return to office, mix, timings
  • Get clarity on where the pain points are, modifications to close those gaps
  • Identify the successes, big wins, and how to gain the same benefits
  • HR considerations and changes to guidelines, policies
  • How to deploy fully virtual new hire learning
  • Employee flexibility, exceptions, adjustments during these difficult times
  • Team building activities that work, driving engagement and flexibility
  • 40-point 2020 Remote Working Benchmarking Survey-participate in and take it away post event

Register for 2020 Remote Working Summit

Registration fees:
$1495 first attendee, $1395 additional attendees.

Work at Home for Contact Centers

Speakers from health care, financial services, insurance, travel, telecommunications, BPO, share their experiences in COVID-19 contact center deployments and their future plans. Five technology companies share high value products and services to fully leverage expanded work at home populations.

Future state objectives, widely varying strategies, successes, unforeseen challenges, stepped, staged transitions plans will be shared by leaders of Fortune 1000 companies who are responsible for the way work gets done within their organizations.

Key Takeaways

  • 2020 State of Remote Working Benchmarking Report – 40 critical measurements.
  • Two days packed with work at home and mobile working best practices.
  • Breakout sessions on topics for IT/Security, Virtual Sourcing and Hiring, Virtual Learning, Virtual Performance Management, and Culture/Social Connectivity.
  • Six remote working case studies on innovations in remote work and work at home for contact centers – delivered by industry best leaders.

Register for 2020 Remote Working Summit

Registration fees:
$1495 first attendee, $1395 additional attendees.

Virtual Hiring and Onboarding

  • Policy updates, refreshed guidelines for expanded groups
  • Transitioning to long distance and direct hire to home
  • Effective engagement, measuring engagement, cultural connectivity
  • Use of video, chat rooms and enterprise social networks
  • Virtual on-boarding
  • Existing employee impact,flexible arrangements

Performance Management & Engagement

  • Best in class coaching and virtual performance management
  • Preparing managers for virtual leadership
  • Technologies for formal and informal knowledge sharing
  • Virtual team meetings, huddles, and one to one meetings
  • Best practices for engaging remote staff
  • How gamification works for work at home

IT/Security Topics

  • Centralizing the command center from home
  • VDI vs. VPN
  • BYOD vs. company provided equipment
  • ISP and voice services provisioning
  • ID authentication
  • Network and application access
  • Security and surveillance

Virtual Training and Learning

  • Delivering 100% virtual new hire training
  • Best in class design tools
  • Mixes and mediums of virtual new hire training
  • How to run great virtual meetings
  • Competencies of virtual trainers
  • How to transition from the classroom to virtual

Flexible Scheduling

  • Clarity on true benefits of work at home staffing
  • Flexible scheduling with split shifts, micro-shifts
  • On-demand and weather emergency staffing

Who Should Attend

Stakeholders responsible for the way that work gets done at the VP, Director or Senior Manager level:

  • Strategic Planning
  • IT/Telecom Leaders
  • Operations
  • Performance Support
  • Learning & Development
  • Human Resources Leaders
  • Heads of Telecommuting Offices
  • Work Force Managers

Register for 2020 Remote Working Summit

Registration fees:
$1495 first attendee, $1395 additional attendees.


Wednesday, June 17, 10am CT to 2pm CT

  • Three case studies on remote working and work from home
  • Two breakout sessions on Virtual Sourcing and Hiring, Gamification
  • Live video/audio/chat exchanges, Q & A

Thursday, June 18, 10am CT to 2pm CT

  • Two case studies on remote working and work from home
  • Two breakout sessions on Virtual Learning, IT/Technology/Security
  • Live video/audio/chat exchanges, Q & A

Friday, June 19, 10am CT to 2pm CT

  • Two case studies on remote working and work from home
  • Two breakout sessions on Securing company equipment and BYOD at home, Making work at home work in smaller contact centers
  • Live video/audio/chat exchanges, Q & A
  • Note that Breakout Sessions are Concurrent – Bring Two Attendees from your Company in Order to Attend All Sessions.


Dustin Cheek

Vice President
Prime Therapeutics

Cindy Zhivotovsky - Senior Director, Alliance Data

Cindy Zhivotovsky

Vice President Customer Care
Alliance Data

Jon Bunch

Assistant Vice President
Contact Center Operations
Prime Therapeutics

Doug Ward

Vice President Customer Care

Richard Lau, Marriott

Richard Lau

Senior Director Technology & Infrastructure

Kathy Kitterman

Customer Relationship Management Director

Scott Tremetiere

Senior Vice President
Aspires Lifestyles

Chris Wirth - Hyatt

Chris Wirth

Regional VP - GCC Americas

Dan Smitley

Director Workforce Management
World Travel Holdings

Joann Gonzales

Vice President Human Resources

Michele Rowan

Customer Contact Strategies

Althea Linneman

Associate Director Learning & Development
Verizon Wireless

Kamille Hairston

Senior Manager Learning
Verizon Wireless

Angie Pease Senior Manager Hagerty Insurance

Angela Pease

Senior Manager
Hagerty Insurance

Brittany Sever

Director Talent Acquisition

Rachel Osborne

Customer Relationship Management Manager

Alan Lai

Workforce Manager
ARA Diagnostic Imaging

KK Vinyard

Director Virtual Operations


Brendan Kiely


Brady Ranum

Vice President

Cory Mustard

Vice President
Noble Systems

Daniel Foppen


Sean Minter


Toni Portmann