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Understanding what others are doing in remote working and home working is a requisite for design and continuous improvement. Financial services, healthcare, consumer products, telecommunications, education, government and BPOs are expanding their stakes. Strategy leaders, HR, Training, Operations, WFM and IT are highly active in the CCS community.



Benchmark in person or on line.

The CCS network is 1500+ professionals with a laser focus on remote work across all major industry segments and functional lines. Much of the research and legwork – you thought you had to do – is done. Access the critical information you’re after, and connect with a rich group of subject matter experts.


Get to a Conference.

CCS conferences are dedicated exclusively to areas that are highly impacted by remote working and home working. Innovative strategies and tactics, the latest in technologies, deep dive discussions, to validate your current effectiveness, and inspire your next generation vision.



Download a recorded webcast.

Two-hour recorded webcasts are online and available for immediate download. Topics include all critical remote working functions – for call center management and support staff. It’s like bringing the consultant in, without paying the freight. Perfect for your next strategy session, team meeting, or professional development session.


Download an e-book.

For those that prefer the written word, leading edge business strategies, best practices, technologies and survey data are packed into these (50) page PDF files. Updated several times per year from the vast CCS client base.



To access webcasts and e-books, choose your functional journey below:



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