Remote Working is Not About Why. It’s About When.

1.19 billion people across the globe (34% of the available workforce) are remote for some or all of their schedule. The US has the highest percentage of mobile workers, 75.5%, including office-based mobile workers, non-office based mobile workers, and home-based people. Many organizations’ expansion of remote and mobile workers up to this point has been largely organic, driven by BYOD and employee preferences. Clearly, it’s time to frame the proposition and leverage the approach.



Grow without real estate
Eliminate relocations
Expanded talent pools
Unprecedented ESAT
Productivity and efficiency gains


Operating expense
Talent acquisition costs
Sourcing/recruiting costs
Engagement and retention


20% of budget
$15,000-$30,000 per move
< 200-400% growth in applicants
< 10-15% rise in ESAT scores
< 10% more work gets done



Fundamental Factors for Success.

Job Matching.
Clear expectations that are contracted, and solid visibility of performance results work best. There have been debates around the effectiveness of highly collaborative jobs in remote settings. A look at cultural and business process preparedness is warranted.

Employee Matching.
Remote working clearly is not for everyone. Some employees seek the structure and social aspects of an office environment. Best suited for remote work are people who have experience with and choose the mobile or remote environment.

Communication Platforms.
Engagement platforms for getting work done efficiently, and the inspiration to use them, are compulsory.



Tools to Localize Remote Work

Managing Road Warriors and Virtual Teams

Webcast Training
Format: Immediate download

This two-hour recorded webcast is available for immediate purchase and download, packed with extremely current best practices and solutions. Download and listen on your own or put it on the agenda for your next strategy meeting. It’s as if you hired a subject matter expert to guide you through (because you have), without paying the hefty expenses associated with on site consultative meetings.


  • Building the business case
  • Shifting business processes
  • Mobile policy considerations
  • Virtual performance support
  • Leveraging social platforms
  • Gamification

Price: $399

Virtual Performance Support

Format: Immediate download

Prefer to receive your information via written word? The PDF Tool Kit is immediately downloadable as a full color guide containing best practices, survey data, and best in technology on remote working for Enterprise employees.

Cost benefit analysis
Business case drivers and returns
Centralizing communications across platforms
Virtual performance support
Gamification: driving engagement

Price: $199