Ignite Your Remote Working Returns

Remote working is exploding as a result of mobile technologies – a growing segment of your work force prefers it. But lagging behind this extremely rapid pace of expansion is well thought through organizational strategy and business process to absolutely ensure that remote workers are as productive, and engaged, as their in-house counterparts.




The CCS Niche

CCS collects and organizes remote working and work from home strategies, tactics, business process and results across a wide spectrum of industries and work groups. We package and share the content in really meaningful ways, so that you access extremely fresh insights, quickly assimilate useful information and excel at supporting remote employees. Conferences, webcast recordings, e-books, and custom consulting – all packed with content and expertise that will amplify your success.


Post-Geographic Culture

Success for most remote programs is measured by productivity and engagement. A seamless culture, devoid of work location, is required but not all that easy to shape. Gone are the subliminal penalties for remote meeting attendance, or remote project presentations. The challenge is to level the playing field—across your field of talent.


Solutions from CCS

Get fresh insights, standards, and returns in a variety of forms:

Attend a work at home conference for best practice sharing
Order the PowerPoint deck from the conference if you can’t make it in person
Download the 35-point 2019 Remote Working Benchmarking survey (60 participating companies on best practices of work at home for contact centers)
Engage custom consulting from the industry leader
Choose the strategies and best practices that align with your vision and culture
Do it excellently

Testimonials from CCS Connections

“I attended a Workshop and found I could immediately implement the information I gained into the remote program I was designing for a Fortune 500 company. A year later I attended the Summit in Dallas and took away even more valuable information. Michele Rowan is not only a great facilitator; she brings deep subject matter expertise and ensures her customers obtain a strong return on their investment.”
Gunnar Hood, former VP The Hartford and current principal, WSI Digital Marketing Consulting

“I found the two day workshop to be very beneficial to the growth and development of our At Home Agent strategy. Michele’s expertise and facilitation skills were exceptional.”
Rick McKenna, HR Director Quality & Specialty Services, Comcast

“Michele’s sessions are hands on, practical approaches towards effective deployment of the remote model across all functional areas—we had many key takeaways.”
Lisa Harper, Director, Marriott International

“The At Home Strategies workshop was extremely valuable — a must for any firm planning a home working deployment.”
Steven Brophy, SVP Chase Bank

“The workshop content and interactions were dynamic and useful—a very good time investment.”
Bruce Woods, President, Sykes Assistance Services Corporation