Leverage Office Space and Employee Happiness All at Once Mid&Back-smile

There is strong evidence to support that mid and back office functions are equally as successful as contact centers in remote working wins. So taking advantage of a work strategy that is preferred by many, and enables expansion without seats, makes smashing good business sense.



Which Support Roles Work at Home?

Many mid and back office support functions are jobs that are quite well defined, and don’t call for extensive face-to-face interactions or heavy collaboration. Roles performed by employees working independently for 50% or more of their work week – are good candidates for home working. Examples are on line content managers and designers, claims processors, data miners, transcribers, transaction verifiers.


Returns You Can Bank On

Mid & Back office staff, as well as contact centers, experience the following range of results:

  • Employee retention: improves by 35-50% annually
  • Employee satisfaction: rises to unprecedented levels 15-20% increases
  • Staffing: 15-25% gains for businesses with varying shifts and arrival patterns of work
  • Productivity: 7-15% improvements over in-office results
  • Attendance: 20-25% reduction in unplanned absences and 25% reduction in planned absences
  • Training: 15-25% improvements in speed to proficiency
  • Performance management: virtual support is 10-15% more efficient than face to face meetings

CCS Conferences & Tool Kits for Mid & Back Office Support at Home

2018 Advanced At Home Strategies Workshops

July 18-19 Denver
October 16-17 Laguna Beach, CA

November 14-15 Laguna Beach, CA

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Only 40 seats per session, the workshops are advanced best practice sharing and deep-dive discussions on topics driven by attendees. As a result, each session is unique, with equal parts of best in class strategies and tactics on all functional areas highly impacted, coupled with extensive attendee thought leadership. Intimate sessions with a big punch. PowerPoint deck from workshop included.

Performance Support for Virtual Teams

Managing Remote Employees

Recorded Webcast Training
Format: Immediate download

Supervisors and managers of home workers experience significant change in terms of the competencies required, and tools they utilize to maximize performance of employees. Facilitated by Michele Rowan, this two-hour session (PowerPoint and audio) guides leaders through ten fundamental competency shifts, innovative best practices and measuring success. Self assessment tools and action plans included.

Price: $399

Virtual Performance Management

Format: Immediate download

Full-color downloadable PDF e-book is rich with innovative strategies in virtual performance management. A collection of best practices from CCS’s 500+ client base, it includes critical competencies, virtual help desk, recognition & reward/gamification, shifting to self directed work activities, extensive survey data sourced from experienced industry users.

Price: $199

Go Home Toolkit from At Home Strategies Workshop

Format: Bound book, available by mail

Can’t make an At Home Strategies for Success Workshop but interested in conference materials? Purchase the 200-page step-by-step implementation guide which includes the full PowerPoint deck from the At Home Strategies Workshop. Full color, all of the e-books noted above (Business case, IT, Flexible Scheduling, Virtual Performance Management, Virtual Hiring, Virtual Training Design & Delivery) are included.

Price: $495

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